Gold Sparkly Dresses. Gold Taffeta Dress.

Gold Sparkly Dresses

Gold Sparkly Dresses. Gold Taffeta Dress.

Gold Sparkly Dresses

gold sparkly dresses


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  • Sparklies is a formal term, as used by British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) and a number of hardware makers including Amstrad and Pace, for interference on analogue satellite television transmissions.


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gold sparkly dresses – Geneva Black

Geneva Black Silicone Ceramic Style Wrist Watch Surrounded with Gold Trim and Sparkly Rhinestones As Similar to Sandra Bullock Watch in Blind Side
Geneva Black Silicone Ceramic Style Wrist Watch Surrounded with Gold Trim and Sparkly Rhinestones As Similar to Sandra Bullock Watch in Blind Side
The black beautiful and trendy watch are custom designed by Geneva with intricate details and personal attention to quality. Inspired by popular and most famous designers. Geneva only uses high quality materials and make sure they pass on only high quality watches to their customers. Any trendy women would want to wear one of these watches because they come in various colors and can match most of your outfits. Can be worn casually, or for the office/work or with dresses. These watches have silicone rubber strap in ceramic style. Color of Strap matches with Watch Face. The Watch face is surrounded with sparkly, glamorous clear rhinestones/zirconia’s stones. It looks very pretty The best feature I like is that the watch displays plain English numbers that are clear and easily recognizable and readable unlike other watches that display roman or arabic numerals that are hard to read.

Honey and Clover Necklace – Jumbo Gold Freshwater Pearls Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Spacers

Honey and Clover Necklace - Jumbo Gold Freshwater Pearls Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Spacers
I love these gorgeous pearls! This necklace is made with jumbo freshwater pearls and six clear Swarovski crystal spacers, and accented with a sterling silver toggle clasp. The pearls are very soft gold, with subtle hues of green and purple.

This necklace is simple, yet so glamorous and elegant!
This piece will instantly dress up any outfit!

The necklace is 17.5" long.

Eastern lady fancy dress about 1956

Eastern lady fancy dress about 1956
This was a birthday present one year. Made by my Auntie Mabel from white satin with a green satin sash and a green headdress, it even came with some some slippers with toes that curved upwards. It was decorated with gold braid and sparkly jewels and I loved it and wore it to lots of fancy dress parties.
gold sparkly dresses

gold sparkly dresses

Hannah in hot pink dress with white gold glitter jacket & purple guitar
Young fans of Hannah Montana will love the “Live in Concert” doll, which features cool, rock-star clothes, a light-up guitar, and Hannah singing “Pumpin’ Up the Party.” Girls ages six and up will get a thrill from playing with their favorite rock star, from brushing her long, blonde hair to changing her fashionable white boots. And when they put Hannah’s purble guitar into her hands, they’ll enjoy listening to her sing and imagining themselves on stage just like her.

Press a button, and Hannah Montana will sing “Pumpin’ Up the Party.” View larger.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Great “rock-star” accessories, including a sparkly pink skirt, a headset for Hannah to sing into, and a light-up guitar

The Bad: Hard to get out of the box; arms and legs somewhat inflexible

In a Nutshell: Young girls will be inspired by Hannah’s self-confidence and style
At a Glance

Ages: 6 and up

Fashionable and Fun
Parents will need to help little ones get Hannah and her accessories out of the box, but once they do, kids can start to play with her right away. Hannah sings with the flip of a switch and the press of a button — use the clear, illustrated instructions to help you find them. The guitar also flashes with the press of a button that’s is easy to find even without reading the instructions. Girls can easily create different outfits for Hannah with the tights, shiny jacket, pink skirt and white boots that are included.
Inspiration for Girls
Hannah’s purble, light-up guitar will definitely appeal to young, would-be rock stars. Even if your child doesn’t aspire to stardom, she’ll be inspired by Hannah’s great voice and can-do attitude. Girls will also love her dressing her in the shiny jacket, pink skirt and the cute white boots. Hannah’s long, blonde hair is perfect for brushing with the white hairbrush that’s included. Girls will find lots of ways to style it! Accessories, such as the headset, really bring Hannah’s “live-in-concert” look to life.
Everybody Dance Now
We loved the purple, light-up guitar and wished we had one just like it. And we thought the golden headset really helped create the “live in concert” effect. The Hannah Montana doll is a little less flexible than you might hope, and it’s hard to position her to make her look as if she’s really playing guitar. But when Hannah sings “Pumpin Up the Party,” kids and adults alike will both want to get up and dance. She only sings about 25 seconds of the song, but the recording quality is high. Overall, we think fans of the popular young star are sure to love her “Live in Concert” doll and the two mini Hannah Montana posters that come with it.
What’s in the Box
Doll with fashion, pair of boots, light-up guitar, headset, brush, and two mini-posters.